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‘Welcome’ by Paul Cosgrove

Written by Cultured Wirral


Welcome to the shores of my town,
Your town.
I stand on the shores of your town,
My town.
The river has buoyed many new-born.
This shore has struggled to cling on to its offspring
Welcome to the shores of your town,
My town.
I stand on one side of their divide
You on the other.
Push hard from your side,
I’ll push hard from mine.
See, hear, feel the divide buckle and twist,
Groaning to an eventual collapse.
We will fall naturally into each others’ arms,
Laughing, crying and cheering our triumph.
Welcome to the shores of our town.

– Paul Cosgrove ©

Paul very recently launched an in-print anthology, ‘On Thin Ice’, which can be purchased in News From Nowhere on Bold Street, Liverpool. For more information, see the link below:

On Thin Ice

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